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Legionella Risk Assessments

Introduction to Legionnaires Disease

Online HSE Guidance

(Part 2: HSG 274: The control of legionella bacteria in hot and cold water systems) is for duty holders and Landlords i.e. those in control of premises;  agencies who manage rental properties; small businesses and those with health and safety responsibilities for others.

BPM Plumbing & Maintenance Services can assess and advise how to control the risks due to legionella bacteria. Any water system that has the right environmental conditions could potentially be a source for legionella bacteria growth.

The Legionella risk assessment is a straight forward simple exercise if carried out by a competent assessor. For most residential settings the risk assessment may well show the risks to be low, as long as simple control measures are put in place as required within any recommendations.

We  can provide a service and guidance to Landlords as part of HSE ACOP L8 - Legionella Risk Assessments.

We can help you to:

  • identify and assess sources of risk
  • manage any risk
  • prevent or control any risk
  • provide method statements where required
  • assist Landlords to keep and maintain records



The HSE state, the legislation has not been changed, and any misinterpretation or misunderstanding can impose unnecessary financial burdens on landlords where they have been charged for legionella testing certificates that they do not actually need.

HSE emphasise that legionella testing or sampling is generally not required in domestic hot water systems and then only in exceptional circumstances. However, the HSE are responsible as they are the ones who make the rules for rental properties.

The Landlord is responsible, and has a legal duty by law for providing a safe property for the tenant and the tenant is also responsible as they have to provide a healthy and safe environment for both themselves and visitors to the property. Here is a link to the HSE website:

Legionella Landlord's Responsibilities

Save time!

Most landlords and small businesses do not have the time to carry out Legionella Risk Assessments within their properties, and require professional advice and services from qualified assessors to manage and over see this type of service. 

BPM Plumbing & Maintenance Services are specialists and can take bookings from Landlords; Letting Agencies and  Small Businesses with hot and cold water systems where there is requirement to carry out Legionella Risk Assessments.

Please click to contact us, check availability and book your legionella risk assessment

BPM Plumbing is a qualified City & Guilds Accredited Risk Assessor for Legionella Control (HSE ACOP L8) in Water Systems: BPM Plumbing will visit premises to carry out a full Legionella Risk Assessment, the inspection will take approximately 1 hour depending on the size or complexity of the property and what is discovered during the risk assessment.

Once completed, the landlord /agency will receive a fully completed and compliant Legionella Risk Assessment in conjunction with the  - The control of Legionella bacteria in water systems identifying any risks; advising on control measures to reduce any risks; this assessment demonstrates compliance with the HSE legislation.




The landlord /agency will receive a Schematic Diagram of the hot and cold water system with every property as part of the full Legionella Risk Assessment Report.

BPM Plumbing are also available, competent  and qualified  to carry out any remedial works as agreed, offering the full package from start to finish on one invoice or as required.

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