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bathroom Ideas and Designs

Follow our expert guide to help you plan the bathroom or shower room you've always dreamed of. 



Bathroom Designs 

There are  many different types of bathrooms, from simple designs with a standard bath, toilet and basin,  through to luxury fitted  shower rooms and bathrooms with fitted digital controls. 

Whatever your set up here are a few ideas to consider:

  • Think about who will use the bathroom
  • How will this impact the users
    • Is it a family bathroom? If so, you'll probably want to factor in lots of storage space 
  • Do you rarely bath but always shower ,then consider a standalone shower instead of installing a bath you won't use 
  • If you like baths and showers, a bath with a shower over it would give you the option to be flexible
    • Is space at a premium? or can you install as separate shower unit ?
  • Do you want to use your bathroom to relax in?
    • Consider getting a free-standing bath for a luxurious feel and having somewhere close by to store candles and magazines

We are here to advise you.

Click here to see a beautiful small shower room we have recently completed.

Your bathroom or shower room should be functional and practical, but also a place where you can unwind.  We can provide sound and professional  advice on how to strike the best balance.

We will visit your home for a free consultation in order to put together a bathroom quotation with no hidden charges. You will know the exact cost of your works before you agree to anything.

We have built our reputation on customer care and service, quality of workmanship and after care satisfaction.

All works are covered and guaranteed for a period of 12 months.

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